The Best Way to Pack for Air Travel

Travelling is one of the most transcendent experiences you might ever have. Air travel elevates the emotion all the more, transporting you to the skies, to see an expanse of clouds and sunshine or moonlight. A scape barely ever seen down here, a perspective so rare, only observed in a metal tube miles above the ground. Flying is an experience in its own, which makes is more important to fly in your most comfy self, without the encumbrance of added luggage of materialistic essentials and subconscious conceptions. Setting aside the poetic mumbo jumbo, flying in an airplane can be pretty interesting. Here are a few travel tips so you would not have to stress about packing before you enter your flight.

Only the essential

Here’s what most of us do: a day or two before the departure, you bring out a suitcase and a carryon bag. You grab all the clothes you think you need and stuff them into your luggage, trying to fit everything inside. Let me be the first to tell you that this is not the best way to pack for an air travel. What you really need is only the essentials. Some of which are two sets of clothes, undergarments, shoes, essential electronics and your medication, if any. If you don’t prefer using toiletries from the hotel you are staying in, you could bring your own, while adhering to the laws of your country.

Pack light and Roll your clothes

Everybody in the travel world speak about the one sacred rule on luggage packing. And this is it; always roll your clothes and never fold them. This rule has been analysed and proved to be extremely effective in arranging and packing your clothes with maximum use of space. Here’s another rule; always pack light. Your shirts, shorts, slippers and jeans should be well thought-out to work for you and not the other way around.

Keep your valuables near you

Never pack important documents, files and resources in your luggage. In the rare chance that you don’t find your luggage again, you would not regret carrying a few extra papers with you. Batteries in your phones, laptops and other electronics are usually preferred by the officials and the laws of the country to keep them on your carryon bag rather than your luggage. Also, just to help you out a little bit, pack your electronics so you could easily access them without the need to dig in to find it.

You always come back with more

Here’s one final tip, keep room for more, because you always come back with more than what you’ve originally carried. Nobody really understands how this happens, but it does, and you should be weary of it.

There you have it. A few travel tips to help your pack for air travel. You either love flying or you don’t, so, you might as well do it comfortably. These tips will help you pack your carryon and luggage with little trouble to your journey. Happy travelling!