Must Visit Cities in Europe 2019

Europe is one of the most culturally diverse continents in the world. Travel 2 hours in any direction and you will be greeted with a completely unique experience. An accumulation of 44 countries, Europe is an enigmatic continent, known for its history, art, architecture and so much more. With a continent that has so much to offer, you may be wondering about the best countries to visit and the best sites to indulge in. Wonder no more. Here is a list of the some of the best countries to visit in the European continent and the best places to visit in each of these countries.


The largest city in Spain and notably known for the football club with the same name, visit Barcelona to explore the cosmopolitan hub of the art and culture. The city is known for its scene of art, displayed all around the city, and the incredible architecture that cannot be missed. Here are some of the best things to do in Barcelona when you visit the city;

  1. La Sagrada Familia
    An unfinished catholic church that does not resemble stereotypical churches, the Sagrada Familia is a spectacle to behold. Designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, the church is a true masterpiece and a must-visit site to most travellers. In the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, the Sagrada Familia is one place you do not want to miss.
  2. Camp Nou
    Home to one of the biggest football clubs and one of the most well-known teams in the world, Camp Nou is the reason football fanatics flock over to the city. Tour the stadium and get into the atmosphere of football stars, the trophies won and the jerseys worn.
  3. Park Güell
    Walk around Park Güell and witness more art from Antoni Gaudi, a visionary of modern architecture. The park is integrated with hidden details all over, with a little exploration to discover. A peaceful walk through the park in a city of bustling crowd may come across to you as a pleasant change you did not expect to enjoy.


Once the representation of absolute power, there are a thousand reasons to visit Rome. A city with exceptionally history, awe striking art and captivating culture, this is a city everyone must stopover once during their lifetime. From mesmerising art in museums to the streets of Rome, every corner is an exploration and an experience to have. Here are some of the best things to do in Rome;

  1. The Colosseum (Coliseum)
    Located at the centre on Rome, the Colossuem is the largest amphitheatre ever built. Constructed entirely out of stone, the site was used to stage gladiator fights and animal hunts. You would have to purchase tickets ahead of time to avoid inconveniences.
  2. The Pantheon
    Said to be the best preserved construction from the Roman Empire, the Pantheon is a mystery waiting to be solved. The exact constituents of the stone columns of the site is unknown, but closely resembles the composition of modern day concrete. Dedicated to the gods of Greek myth, the Pantheon is a place you must see with your eyes to appreciate.
  3. Vatican Museum
    This is a destination you cannot miss for any reason, whatsoever. The Vatican Museum has the largest private art collection in the world. The museum is home to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, the most famous piece of art, ever. A tour of over 2 hours would still not suffice to absorb and observe all of the incredible art on display.


The capital of Portugal and located along the coast, Lisbon could be the best vacation stop you might happen upon through your travels across Europe. Lisbon is a blend of modern architecture and old-fashioned heritage, rivalling London in every way. Visit Lisbon and experience a vacation compared to no other. Here are some of the best thing to do in Lisbon during your visit to the capital.

  1. Torre de Belem
    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the tower is located along the coast of the Santa Maria. The tower served as a watchtower when raiders attack from sea. A picturesque monument, especially during the sunset, the Torre de Belem is a beautiful piece of architecture.
  2. Cape Roca
    Although a fair drive away from Lisbon, the Cape Roca is the western most point in Portugal. It is where land ceases and sea begins, you are welcomed with one of the best views in the city. Standing on what feels like the edge of the world, Cape Roca is somewhere you have to be.
  3. Troia Beach
    A calm beach with little-to-no waves crashing onto the shore, relax at the Troia beach to experience serene bliss and sun kissed tranquillity.

A European exploration an overflow of exciting emotions in every country. Hop, jump and skip through countries and experience distinctive culture throughout. If you happen to travel to any one of these countries, Lots of Trips offers an assortment of travel destinations and accommodations to make your travel planning less stressful.