Istanbul Music Festival – Artistic Inspiration and Experimentation

The International Istanbul Music Festival has been a meeting place for music lovers and artists from across the world.

The oldest event organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art, the first music festival took place in 1973. The event has grown immensely in popularity, attracting artists from all genres of music. You will be treated with the best talent in the fields of classical ballet, classical music, opera, modern dance, jazz, pop, traditional music, the visual arts and theatre. Sounds impressive? It certainly is, and experiencing the fest is one of the most rewarding things to do in Istanbul.

A Wholesome Experience

The Istanbul Music Festival is not only a forum for dance, song and recital; the event hosts a variety of conferences, seminars and panels dealing in various arts, expertise and areas of innovation.

Istanbul Music Festival 2019

Celebrations for the 2019 festival will start on June 11th and end June 30th. The 47th edition of the event is to be held under the theme, ‘Darkness of Being, Lightness of Being’. A total of 22 concerts are tipped to take place this year with the aid of top international soloists. Festivities will take place across main areas in Istanbul covering the districts of the Grand Bazaar, Sureyya Opera House and Hagia Eirene. A grand opportunity to explore the vibrant city, the festival focuses on one district each year. For 2019, it will be the former fishing village of Samatya.

Enjoy Geographical Explorations

While savouring the immense impact of 22 concerts, ardent fans can look forward to discovering the geographical delights of Samatya; another fabulous reason to visit Istanbul over the music festival. The village borders the Marmara Sea and is loved as a pot of multicultural ethnicities; comprising of Greeks, Turks and Armenians.

The Programme 2019

Visitors get a chance to explore the city as guides take them to various venues. A total of four concerts are covered in a day, including some within Armenian and Greek Orthodox churches. On the menu is a marvellous treat, ranging between a selection of early English consort music and ensembles of cello, harp and flute to renditions of Turkey’s fabulous Rezonans choir.

The Musical ‘Excursion’

Another aspect of the festival to look forward to is the special, ‘Musical Excursions’ leg of the event. This takes you down the route of the Grand Bazaar; a marvellous amalgamation of music with the sights and smells of one of the world’s oldest markets. Over the tour music stemming from the Ottoman Empire combined with lively rhythms of Cretan and Balkan sounds, it is one of the finest moments you will enjoy on your tour of Istanbul. Good reason to get in touch with your travel agent and book your flights to Istanbul.

Experience New Music at the Istanbul Music Festival

Another reason for discerning travellers to book tours to Istanbul over the festival is the offering of new music. For the 2019 fest, two world premieres are tipped to take place; the piano duo of Bahar Dorduncu and Ufuk will perform a piece written by composer Zeynep Gedizliogu; this recital will also include concerts written by Brahms and Shostakovich.

As if that isn’t enough, the festival which is blessed by the talents of the Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, boasts a delicious array of Beethoven’s ‘Triple Concerto’.

In a nutshell, the festival will not disappoint art and music lovers from across the world; keeping the city’s historical heritage alive, the Istanbul Music Festival brings together a collection of the worlds most talented artists and soloists; an event not to be missed.