How to Pass Time While Travelling for Long Hours

There are schools of thought in travelling. Either you love travelling or you don’t. This is not the sort of traveling you might come to think. The travelling mentioned here is the time, the duration between your arrival and departure. It may be puerile to think of travelling as a nuisance, and believe us, we don’t. However, you could possibly get bored, especially during long hours of flight, drive or train to reach your destination. There are a few ways you could might be able to escape the dread of boredom and the longing to reach the place as quick as you can. Here’s a list of travel tips to your boredom problem if you happen to travel alone.

Read, read and read

If you happened to be a bibliophile, you probably don’t need anyone to tell you this. But, reading is one of the best ways to pass your time whilst travelling. Here’s a tip; try to avoid reading books that either contain a lot of information or books that are heavy on the mind. If you prefer such books, by all means, please read them, however, traveling is when you kick your shoes off and lay back without a worry in the world. You would not want to taint the experience by reading books that strain your brain. We would suggest you read a fantasy or a fiction. Something that would make you laugh, escape reality or excite the little things in life.

Listen to an Audiobook / Podcast

If you’re not a reader, don’t fret. In our age of technology and the sheer mass of information on the internet, you could listen to a book instead. I know, it doesn’t sound right, but it is. Audiobooks are the new normal. Listening to a book, frequently read by the author, is an easy way to read while travelling for long hours, but not really read. In the same regard, Podcasts are more of a long-length Television interviews or thought exchanges between intellectual persons of numerous genres. There’s literally everything to choose from, and so much more to discover.

Music is your Best Friend

There are two elements that are in constant dispute during every journey. Music; and silence. Equally serene, you never know the significance that each of the entities illustrate. While scenic roads often encourages the anonymity of silence, road trips with music so loud you can’t hear yourself think is essential. Simply imagine driving through a valley with your favourite tunes playing and singing along with it at the top of your voice. There is very little that satisfies you as much as that experience would. We wouldn’t advice you doing this for long periods of time; not really ideal for the health of your voice box.

Discover a new movie genre

If your goal is to stay away from any kind of screen, you probably would not want to watch anything on any device. In the high chance where you are aren’t that strict with the rules you lay out, immerse yourself into a world of movies you either, have never watched or heard of. Foreign movies or movies that aren’t commercialised by the masses, there are a plethora of hidden gems on the movie industry, waiting to be discovered. Dive in, you will not regret.

Catch a little Shut-eye

Sometimes, getting sleep during your travel is the best idea ever. Flying or a train ride to your destination is when you give a little rest to those eyes of yours, since it’s been working so hard. Here is another reason to possibly get some rest on your travel; the nature of the holiday being a constant activity journey with little-to-no rest throughout. Plus, you always want to be well rested to enjoy the holiday to its maximum.

Converse with a stranger

The first step to meeting a new acquaintance is talking to a stranger. How else do you meet someone new if you never speak to a stranger? It could be a neighbour or your cabin mate on the train, speak and listen. However, remember to listen. It wouldn’t be a conversation if you’re the only one talking. Shoot ideas and talk about topics that you’ve never spoken of, learn a few life lessons and share a few life lessons, complement each other and don’t be afraid to speak about the unconventional. But, please avoid small talk.

Game Intellectually

And for the final activity during your long travel durations is to play a few intellectual games to stimulate your brain. We understand the fact that we’ve told you not to read books that are hard on your brain, but games are fun; as long as their fun, go for it. Crosswords, Sudoku, X’s and 0’s, and everything that you might find fun.

You don’t have to strictly follow these activities mentioned here. The world is your chessboard; move pieces as you desire and enjoy while you’re at it.